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Guardianship Program

This is a unique opportunity for selected local families to become a guardian to a Loving Hearts Goldendoodle.

We are a GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America) breeder.  We only breed the healthiest dogs, through vigorous testing. Our goal is to better the breed, and create healthier stronger, longer-living family members that don't suffer from genetic diseases that can be avoided. 

In the guardian program, a pick-of-the-litter puppy is personally chosen for you at no cost to you.

The guardian family agrees to raise, train, and love him/her through their breeding career.  The guardian accepts the role of a parent, while we retain ownership and breeding rights.  

In exchange for providing a loving home, ownership will be transferred to the guardian family when we retire the dog from his/her breeding career.  The dog will be spayed/neutered at our expense.  

This provides the dog the stability of the same family and its forever home throughout its entire life.

Please contact us for more information on this program.

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