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I cannot say enough good things about Loving Hearts . As current dog owners I thought I knew what to expect from a breeder while awaiting our new puppy from Loving Hearts. But I was wrong! Everything they did was above and beyond. From near daily photos and videos to the staged photo shoots to the welcome baskets the puppies were sent home with, everything was so incredibly thoughtful and there was no doubt how much these puppies were taken care of and loved before heading to their forever homes. Our puppy is the sweetest and most loving pup anyone could ask for. They have truly set the standard for all breeders. We are so thankful to have one of their puppies in our family!




Loving Hearts Goldendoodles is the best breeder I have ever dealt with! They have been in constant contact with the families, informing families of all the things the pups were doing and all the testing as well as all the vaccines and vet visits that took place! Also sent pictures and made visits happen. They are very good about getting back to you in a reasonable amount of time. They provided a lot of information about the pups and the continued support they give as the pups transitioned to their forever homes! They are very amiable people who took all the appropriate steps to make sure the pups were well cared for! Amazing breeder and amazing people! Highly recommend!! 5 star rating all the way!




I am so grateful to have met Terri and her wonderful family! There was nothing left to chance for Payton and Enzo’s litter. Payton is one special mama with the sweetest temperament. I never met the father Enzo but spoke at great lengths with her owner and I have learned so much from both parties! It’s beautiful to see such a supportive community to make sure all the experience and knowledge can be shared to benefit future generations of pups.

Her sharing of posts, pics, videos, recent studies, new owner information we might find ourselves needing- even down to the toys they were beginning to love - all helped prepare us for our new family member. She took us along for the journey on all her FB posts and videos over the weeks documenting journey from birth to pick up.

As a professional photographer she has a way of capturing the most precious moments. Fast forward to today we have had our amazing pup (Blizzard-orange collar) Leo for a month now. He had a head start on potty training and kennel training. He even let me vacuum on day 3 without bugging out lol I know every dog is different and I am now biased haha but with the careful selection of parents and amazing dedication of their breeders - these pups are just a cut above the rest. I think her pen with an array of noisy items, fun toys to engage with, early neurological stimulation, a beautiful yard, and a whole family to love and show the world to these animals helped prepare them for the world in the best ways! My daughter and Leo are now the best of friends. Even since we have brought Leo home Terri has been a wonderful resource. She is worth the wait on any future litters.

Jenny & Dan


Look no further! Lovinghearts Goldendoodles gave us the most amazing experience in finding our fury friend Bruce! I was completely blown away with their love for their pups! Terri kept us in the loop from week to week with updates, adorable photos, vet visit details and everything else you would need to know about bringing home your pup! I cannot say enough about this wonderful family other than I felt like part of the family too! Mommy dog Payton is such a love, it’s no wonder her babies are so cute and sweet. Our little guy Bruce is amazing! Great loving temperament, snuggly little dude, full of energy too We couldn’t have picked a better breed to grow with our family of 2 young boys. On the day we picked up Bruce, we were welcomed with a beautiful gift basket to take home with a bunch of goodies and most importantly a little blanket that Bruce could sleep with. This had been with his brothers and sisters and his mommy so when we took him home he still felt a sense of comfort. This was so thoughtful All in all I can’t say enough about our experience with Lovinghearts Goldendoodles. It truly has been a life changing moment for us and we are so grateful to Terri and her family!




We feel so grateful to have found Loving Hearts Goldendoodles and Terri. From the first phone call through adoption day and beyond she has been a pleasure to work with. It was very important to me to find a local, reputable breeder in MA. She answered all our questions, was trustworthy, honest and very communicative about the entire process. It was so nice to watch the puppies progress on her website and see all the adorable pictures she would post. We never felt misguided or misled during the process and felt well prepared for the transition to her forever home on adoption day. They sent us home with a very thoughtful gift basket of toys, a blanket which had Momma’s scent to help the first few nights, gifts and all her paperwork, including an adorable picture! It was clear she took great pride in caring for the puppies. I would not hesitate to recommend this breeder to anyone else or have reservations about purchasing another dog from her in the future. It was a wonderful experience and we couldn’t be happier with our little Rosie!

Stephanie_go home day.jpg

Stephanie S.


Loving Hearts Goldendoodle is the most amazing breeder and we are so thankful to have found them! Terri and her family took such amazing care and time to keep us updated every step of the way! We were lucky enough to follow along from the very beginning of when Payton went into heat and were kept in constant contact with every exciting step! Having a daughter a little shy to dogs initially, Terri took extra steps to insure she would be comfortable with the fast changing pups weekly. Because of the professional photos and adorable videos of the pup, we felt like we were there watching them grow until take home day. Terri provided so much information that we felt ready and great about bringing home our first pet to our home. Terri has been amazing even after take home day answering any and all questions that may come up. I can’t say enough great things about Loving Hearts Goldendoodles. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for the most adorable and lovable puppies. You wont regret this amazing experience and these incredible Goldendoodles. We would give Loving Hearts Goldendoodles Ten stars if it was an option!


Margita L.


I was lucky enough to stumble upon Loving Hearts Goldendoodles and was thrilled when I saw they’re a member of GANA. Very impressed with Terri’s knowledge of the breed and best practices of helping mom Payton care for the newborn pups. Terri shared videos of how the pups were exposed to ENS (early neurological stimulation) and the benefits of it, we received regular updates (and pictures!) on the pups’ milestones, and Terri was extremely vigilant about making sure everyone washed hands and removed shoes during family visits, to limit exposure to any dangerous germs. We’ve had Odie for close to two weeks and he’s an absolute joy. He’s had his first vet visit and received a perfect bill of health.
If the need should arise for us to add another furbaby to our family, it will hopefully be from Loving Hearts.

Lee W.


I am so happy I did a lot of research prior to contacting Loving Hearts Goldendoodles. They are such an amazing family who take care to ensure the best pups, including feeding the mother an exclusive diet both during pregnancy and while nursing, exposing the puppies to early neurological stimulation, and a variety of social and environmental exposure. The result was an awesome litter of 8 puppies. Terri kept us up to date on all the stages and provided the most wonderful photos and videos before and after they were born. She took special care in asking what we were looking for in a puppy. We were looking for a cuddly, bright pup who enjoyed going on walks. She had ideas on which pups might be the best match for us and she was absolutely correct! Our boy, Ollee, learned to ring the bell to go outside to do his business within 3 days. He is sweet and cuddly, loves people, children, and dogs. He has added so much joy to our family! Another very important mention is that Terri has been available after puppy pickup for all of our questions. We are beyond thrilled with our experience with Loving Hearts Goldendoodles.

Erin L.


We simply cannot say enough amazing things about Terri and Loving Hearts Goldendoodles. From my first conversation with Terri, I could tell how much pride and care she takes in everything she does as a breeder. From the frequent updates and ultrasound photos when Payton was pregnant with the puppies, to real-time updates as the puppies were born and the countless adorable photos and videos as the puppies grew over the first 8 weeks, she made us feel part of the process every step of the way. We were blown away during our first visit with the puppies with how incredibly well-cared for they were. The immaculately clean puppy pen right in the family’s living space with countless toys and activities and dedicated outdoor fenced-in puppy play area really showed how well the puppies were cared for by Terri and her family. Our puppy, Cooper, has filled our home with joy and we are so thankful to Terri and Loving Hearts Goldendoodles for our sweet pup. We simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Loving Hearts Goldendoodles and recommend them hands-down. Five stars just simply is not enough!!!



My husband and I honestly couldn’t recommend Terri and Loving Hearts GoldenDoodles enough! She went above and beyond and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience while working with her. She was always clear and concise with answering all the questions we had, and made sure to frequently update us on how the pups and momma were doing. Herself and her family truly care about the puppies and it is clear they really just want them to go to the best families! The photos, videos and visits were so so helpful leading up to when it was time to choose a pup. She gave us advice on each dog’s tendencies to help us make the best decision for our family. We get stopped constantly while out walking with Murphy and I am always quick to tell them about Terri and her amazing breeding program. Murphy is the sweetest most well behaved puppy and that wouldn’t have been accomplished without Terri and Loving Hearts GoldenDoodles. I promise, you will be so so happy you went with Loving Hearts Golden Doodles almost as much as we are.



We were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon Loving Hearts Goldendoodles while searching for GANA breeders in MA. We have a two-year-old standard Goldendoodle from a GANA breeder in NC. We had been on the fence for a while about getting a second Goldendoodle, but knew we wanted a smaller size, and wanted to find a breeder closer to where we live. We were thrilled to have found Terri at Loving Hearts. I had been looking at the website and saw a litter had just been born and there was one puppy available. I knew we had to jump on this opportunity sooner than later. I emailed Terri with a couple questions on the process for adopting and she answered right away and then went on to set up a phone interview the next day. The phone interview was so pleasant, and it felt like I was talking to someone I had already known. Terri asked questions about our family, our current Goldendoodle, and what we were looking for in a new puppy. She outlined the adoption process very thoroughly; providing information on things I had not even thought to ask about! We were so impressed after talking with Terri and felt confident that this was going to be a great experience, that we asked to secure the last spot on the list! Terri kept us very up to date on the stages of the puppies during the 8 weeks they were at home. Terri sent group text messages with information we would need, shared many pictures and videos of the puppies on IG and FB. If we ever had a question, she was always available to answer for us. Terri also opened up her home for families to come and meet the puppies. This was such a special part of the process for our three children. It was really neat to see the puppies so small and be able to get a feel for which one would be right for our family. Our puppy from Loving Hearts has fit right into our family since coming home in October. He is such a loveable puppy with a very calm temperament and just so easy going. He loves meeting people, children, and other dogs. He is everything we had envisioned when deciding to get a second pup! Thank you, Terri, for a memorable experience at Loving Hearts Goldendoodles!



My wife and I were looking for a golden doodle puppy.I found Terri’s web site and that she is a member of GANA.We just welcomed Lola into our family. It was a great experience, Terri is knowledgeable and answered all our question's. She made the puppy experience fun and easy.. I would high recommend Loving Hearts Golden-doodles.



From the first phone call with Terri at Loving Hearts Goldendoodles, I knew she would be the breeder we would choose for our new puppy. she is so knowledgeable, caring, and loving towards these puppies and that was evident even through our conversation on the phone. she kept us updated weekly with great information and tons of pics. we looked forward to these while waiting for our new puppy because we were so included throughout the entire process. Terri was happy to answer the many many questions that we had and provided us with great information to help us feel more confident when it was time to bring Charlie home. from the moment we visited her home to meet all the puppies, we could see how well cared for and how these puppies became part of her family. Charlie is such a huge part of our family now and I wouldn't hesitate at all to recommend Living Hearts Goldendoodles for not just an amazing and lovable puppy but for the entire experience

mary kate.jpg


Terri and crew at Loving Hearts Goldendoodles are everything you want (and should expect) out of a breeder--transparency, communication, and a passion for what they do. Until you take your pup home, LHG raises them with the love and care as if they are their own to keep!



It is impossible to say enough good things about Terri and her love of Goldendoodles. It was great working with her from contacting her over a year ago to bringing home our new pup Crosby. She kept everyone well informed through every step of the process with texts, emails, and pictures, took exquisite care of the mother Payton, and exceptional care in raising the puppies once they were born. Even after the puppies went home she continues to answer all questions quickly to make sure the transition to new homes goes as smoothly as possible. We feel very lucky to have one of her pups!



Terri, and her Loving family, are amazing. We did a lot of research before choosing a breeder, and Terri checked every box: extraordinarily knowledgeable, fully committed to breeding the healthiest possible pups, great communicator at every stage of the process, honest, fair...I could go on and on. The bottom line is that we brought home an absolutely adorable, healthly pup just a couple of weeks ago, and we could not be happier. You will not regret choosing Terri and Loving Hearts Goldendoodles.



So happy to have picked Loving Heart for our newest family member Teddy. It's so hard to find a breeder who is reputableTerri immediately set my mind at ease. She walked me through the entire process and updated me from the beginning of the pregnancy all the way up take home day. She was excellent at answering any questions that I had, and she truly loves the dogs that she breeds. I would whole hearted recommend her if you're looking for a mini golden doodle!

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